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Sources for ALL  sermons



Sermon 1 
In this sermon he recalls the creation of Earth and Sky and the birth of Adam...Angels...chosen prophets (p)...Qur'an...religious laws... pilgrimage...
Praise is due to Allah whose worth cannot be described by speakers, whose bounties cannot be counted by calculators and whose claim (to obedience) cannot be satisfied by those who attempt to do so, whom the height of intellectual courage cannot appreciate, and the divings of understanding cannot reach..." 

Sermon 2 
Delivered on return from Siffin...Arabia before proclamation of Prophethood...Battle of Siffin...Ahl al-Bayt...opposers of Ahl al-Bayt...
None in the Islamic community can be taken at par with the Progeny of the Prophet (Alu Muhammad). One who was under their obligation cannot be matched with them. They are the foundation of religion and pillar of Belief."  

Sermon 3 
Sermon of ash-Shiqshiqiyyah... three Sunni Caliphs...their depriving Ali (p) of his right-caliphate..... and leadership...the sorrows and patience of Imam Ali (p)...
"Beware! By Allah the son of Abu Quhafah (Abu Bakr)dressed himself with it (the caliphate) and he certainly knew that my position in relation to it was the same as the position of the axis in relation to the hand-mill."

Sermon 4 
Amir al-mu'minin's far-sightedness and his staunch conviction in Belief...enjoining good...Ali (p) has no fear...reason of fear of Moses...righteous and falsehood...
The opinion of the person who abandons me may get astray. I have never doubted in the truth since it has been shown to me."  

Sermon 5 
Delivered when the Holy Prophet died...Ali (p)'s deep knowledge and morals...calamities after the death of the Prophet (p)....If I speak out they would call me greedy towards power but if I keep quiet they would say I was afraid of death..."..."One who plucks fruits before ripening is like one who cultivated in another's field." 

Sermon 6 
Delivered on being advised not to chase...Ali (p) has been deprived of his right-caliphate..."By Allah I have been continually deprived of my right from the day the Prophet died till today."   

Sermon 7 
About the hypocrites...satan and his followers and their characteristics...
They have made Satan the master of their affairs, and he has taken them as partners.He sees through their eyes, and speaks with their tongues."  

Sermon 8 
Said about az-Zubayr at a time for which it was appropriate...insincerity of Zubayr's allegiance...
He asserts that he swore allegiance to me with his hand but did not swear with his heart."  

Sermon 9 
Cowardice of the people of Jamal...deeds, not only words...
we do not thunder till we pounce upon the foe nor do we show flow (of words) until we have not virtually rained."  

Sermon 10 
About Talhah and az-Zubayr...satan...Ali (p) is firm against satan and his followers....
I have neither deceived myself nor ever been deceived."  

11- 20

Sermon 11 
When Amir al-mu'minin gave the standard to his son... Muhammad Hanafiyyah...and Imam Ali (p)'s instructions of  fighting to him...
"Mountains may move from their position but you should not move from yours."

Sermon 12 
When Allah gave him (Amir al-mu'minin) victory over the enemy at the Battle of Jamal...unseen helpers of Imam Ali (p)...unity of intentions...
in this army of ours even those persons were also present who are still in the loins of men and wombs of women." 

Sermon 13 
Condemning the people of Basrah...Aishah,daughter of Abu Bakr,...the army of a woman...his prophecy...
He who stays with you is laden with sins and he who forsakes you secures Allah's mercy."..."Your city contains nine tenths of evil..."

Sermon 14 
This also is in condemnation of the people of Basrah...short in mind...
You are the aim of the archer, a morsel for the eater and an easy prey for the hunter."

Sermon 15 
After resuming the land grants made by `Uthman ibn `Affan, he gave this sermon....justice of Ali (p)...
...He who finds it hard to act justly should find it harder to deal with injustice." 

Sermon 16 
Delivered when allegiance was sworn to him in Medina...repentence...different groups of people...keeping promise...
There is right and wrong and there are followers for each. If wrong dominates, it has (always) in the past been so, and if truth goes down that too has often occurred. It seldom happens that a thing that lags behind comes forward."

Sermon 17 
About those who sit for dispensation of justice among people but are not fit for it...incapable & unqualified leaders caliphs, rulers...led-astrays...."Those resembling like men have named him scholar but he is not so."

Sermon 18 
Amir al-mu'minin said in disparagement of....contradictions in verdicts of scholars...Qur'an....command is in Qur'an...
When  a problem is put before anyone of them he passes judgement on it from his imagination. When exactly the same problem is placed before another of them he passes an opposite verdict. Then these judges go to the chief who had appointed them and he confirms all the verdicts, although their Allah is One (and the same), their Prophet is one (and the same), their Book (the Qur'an) is one (and the same)."

Sermon 19 
Amir al-mu'minin was delivering a lecture from the pulpit of Kufah when: Ash`ath ibn Qays objected and said, "O' Amir al-mu'minin this thing is not in your favour but against you."  

Sermon 20 
Death and taking lessons from it...What Ali (p) is saying is from Allah not from his own....seeking refuge in God...
You have been called aloud by (instructive) examples and warned through items full of warnings." 

21- 30

Sermon 21 
Advice to keep light in this world...the Day of Judgement...
Your aim (reward or punishment) is before you. Behind your back is the hour (of resurrection) which is driving you on..."  

Sermon 22 
About those who accused him of `Uthman's killing...satan and his followers...Ali (p) never had doubts in religion like others...He is not afraid of war...bringing into life innovation that is already dead..."By Allah they have not put a correct blame on me, nor have they done justice between me and themselves."  

Sermon 23 
About keeping aloof from envy, and good behaviour towards kith and kin..concealing your brothers' faults...truth-speaking people...doing something for the sake of others not for Allah..."Whoever holds up his hand from (helping) his kinsmen, he holds only one hand, but at the time of his need many hands remain held up from helping him."  

Sermon 24 
Exhorting people for jihad..Ali (p) never fails to fight against unbelievers...and he is fearless...and His promise:
"You will succeed if you...."

Sermon 25 
When Amir al-mu'minin received successive news that ...dwellers of Kufa..coming together in evil...hell-calling imams... "
...your disobedience of your Imam in matters of right and their obedience to their leader in matters of wrong..."

Sermon 26 
Arabia before proclamation of Prophethood...the Prophet (p)...characteristics of pagan Arabs...Ahl al-Bayt are his only helpers...pledge of Amr ibn el-As to Mu'awiya...Muawiya and Amr ibn el-As are not on the right way..."I looked and found that there is no supporter for me except family, so I refrained from thrusting them unto death."

Sermon 27 
Exhorting people for jihad...plundering-army of Mu'awiya...coward followers...."Allah is being disobeyed and you remain agreeable to it."

Sermon 28 
About the transient nature of this world and importance of the next world...death...paradise & hell...preparing oneself for the next world...
Whoever acts during the days of his hope before approach of his death, his action would benefit him and his death would not harm him." 

Sermon 29 
About those who found pretexts at the time of jihad (holy war)...insincere followers...liars...deeds contradicting words...Imam...motherland...
Right cannot be achieved without effort. Which is the house besides this one to protect? And with which leader (Imam) would you go for fighting after me?"  

Sermon 30 
Disclosing real facts about assassination of `Uthman...Uthman's practice of his personal views...Uthman made mistake....and his murderers...
"He appropriated (wealth) and did it badly. You protested against it and committed excess therein. With Allah lies the real verdict between the appropriator and the protester." 

31- 40

Sermon 31 
When before the commencement of the Battle of Jamal ... Talhah & Zubayr...characteristics of them...their disobedience to Imam Ali (a)...
If you meet him you will find him like an unruly bull whose horns are turned towards its ears..." 

Sermon 32 
About the disparagement of the world and categories of its people..difficulties of time...good people are considered bad...people who want Allah...world...
The world in your eyes should be smaller than the bark of acacia and the clippings of wool."  

Sermon 33 
`Abdullah ibn `Abbas says that when Amir al-mu'minin set out...Quraysh...their fight against Ahl al-Bayt...Imam Ali's (p) fight against Quraysh..he kills the falsehood....the worth of leadership in Imam Ali's (p) eyes..."By Allah, the Quraysh only take revenge against us because Allah has given us (i.e. the Holy Prophet and his progeny) preference over them."

Sermon 34 
To prepare the people for fighting with the people of Syria...obedience to Imam....fighting techniques...characteristics of insincere followers.."Woe to you. I am tired of rebuking you. Do you accept this worldly life in place of the next life?"  

Sermon 35 
Amir al-mu'minin said after Arbitration...praise to Allah...Muhammad (p) is Allah's Prophet...results of disobeying a righteous leader..."
I had given you my orders about this arbitration and put before you my hidden view..." 

Sermon 36 
Warning the people of Nahrawan of their fate..characteristics of people of Nahrawan...no proof from Allah...His Prophecy about people of Nahrawan..."I am warning you that you will be killed..."  

Sermon 37 
Amir al-mu'minin's utterance which runs like a Sermon..Imam Ali's (p) courage...humbleness...faultlessness...helping the weak...being the first muslim...giving  pledge of allegiance because of his promise...never attributing a lie to the Prophet (p)..."
I discharged duties when others lost courage (to do so), and I came forward when others hid themselves." 

Sermon 38 
About naming of doubt as such and disparagement of those in doubt...the call of the enemies of Allah...
Doubt is named doubt because it resembles truth..."  

Sermon 39 
In disparagement of those who shrink from fighting..disobeyers and their characteristics..cowardice...
What are you waiting for to rise for the cause of Allah?" 

Sermon 40 
When Amir al-mu'minin heard the cry of Kharijites... ""Verdict is only that of Allah"...necessity of a ruler...duties of a ruler...good & bad followers of a ruler..."The sentence is right but what (they think) it means, is wrong. It is true that verdict lies but with Allah, but these people say that (the function of) governance is only for Allah. The fact is that there is no escape for men from ruler good or bad."

41- 50 

Sermon 41 
In condemnation of treason...the ignorant are considered good...those who leave God's religion knowingly.."
We are in a period when most of the people regard betrayal as wisdom."

Sermon 42 
About heart's desires and extended hopes...lust..
O' people what I fear most about you are two things - acting according to desires and extending of hopes."  

Sermon 43 
After Amir al-mu'minin had sent Jarir ibn `Abdillah al-Bajali to Mu'awiyah...preparations for war..."Certainly, there was over the people a ruler (before me) who brought about new (un-Islamic) things and compelled the people to speak out. So they did speak, then rose up and thereafter changed the whole system."  

Sermon 44 
When Masqalah ibn Hubayrah ash-Shaybani fled to Mu`awiyah...
He acted like the noble but fled away like a slave."  

Sermon 45 
About Allah's greatness and lowliness of this world...
So depart from the world with the best of provision available with you..."

Sermon 46 
When Amir al-mu'minin decided to march towards Syria...
My Allah, I seek Your protection from the hardships of journey..."  

Sermon 47 
About calamities befalling Kufah..
"I certainly know that if any tyrant intends evil for you, Allah will afflict him with worry and fling him with a killer." 

Sermon 48 
Delivered at the time of marching towards Syria...praise to Allah...Tigris..
"..praise be to Allah whose bounty never misses and whose favours cannot be repaid."

Sermon 49 
About Allah's greatness and sublimity..
He cannot be seen by the eye of an onlooker, but the eye which does not see Him cannot deny Him while the mind that proves His existence cannot perceive Him."  

Sermon 50 
Admixture of right and wrong..cooperation against the religion of God.
The basis of the occurrence of evils are those desires which are acted upon and the orders that are innovated. They are against the Book of Allah."  

51- 60

Sermon 51 
When in Siffin the men of Mu`awiyah overpowered the men of Amir al-mu'minin... war...insurgents...inevitable conditions of war...
"..either you remain in ignominy and the lowest position or drench your swords with blood and quench your thirst with water..." 

Sermon 52 
Downfall of the world and reward and punishment in the next world...
O' creatures of Allah, get ready to go out of this world for whose inhabitants decay is ordained..."

Sermon 53 
A part of the same sermon on the description of the Day of Sacrifice...the qualities of the animal for sacrifice...
If the ears and the eyes are sound the animal of sacrifice is sound and perfect.."  

Sermon 54 
On the swearing of allegiance...
...and the hardships of this world were easier than the hardships of the next world..."

Sermon 55 
When Amir al-mu'minin's men showed impatience on his delay ...
..by Allah I do not care whether I proceed towards death or death advances towards me."  

Sermon 56 
About steadiness in the battlefield...
By my life, if we had also behaved like you, ( Muawiya ) no pillar of (our) religion could have been raised, nor the tree of faith could have borne leaves."  

Sermon 57 
Amir al-mu'minin said to his companions about Mu`awiya, a man with a broad mouth and a big belly...Imam Ali's (p) prophecy of Muawiya's command to abuse him...
He would command you to abuse me and to renounce me."  

Sermon 58 
Addressing the Kharijites, Amir al-mu'minin said:"Shall I be witness to my becoming heretic after acceptance of Faith and fighting in the company of the Prophet?! "In that case I shall be misguided and I shall not be on the right path." (Qur'an, 6:56).  

Sermon 59 
When Amir al-mu'minin showed his intention to fight the Kharijites ...His prophecy about the end of the battle with the Kharijites...
Their falling place is on this side of the river."  

Sermon 60 
When Amir al-mu'minin was told that the Kharijites had been totally killed:
They still exist in the loins of men and wombs of women."  


Sermon 61 
Amir al-mu'minin also said:
Do not fight the Kharijites after me, because one who seeks right but does not find it, is not like one who seeks wrong and finds it."


Sermon 62 
When Amir al-mu'minin was warned of being killed by deceit, he said:
When my day would come..."  

Sermon 63 
About the transience of the world..
For the intelligent this world is like the shade - one moment it is spread out and extended but soon it shrinks and contracts."

Sermon 64 
About decline and destruction of the world..
O' creatures of Allah! Fear Allah and anticipate your death by good actions. Purchase everlasting joy by paying transitory things - pleasures of this world."

Sermon 65 
About Allah's attributes..
Every powerful person other than Him is weak. Every master (owner) other than Him is slave (owned)."  

Sermon 66 
In some of the days of Siffin Amir al-mu'minin said to his followers...fighting techniques...
"Keep in mind that you are before Allah and in the company of the Prophet's cousin." 

Sermon 67 
When, after the death of the Prophet, news reached Amir al-mu'minin about the companions fighting for the caliphate in Saqifah of Bani Sa`idah... "They argued with the tree but spoiled the fruits."  

Sermon 68 
When Amir al-mu'minin appointed Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr Governor of Egypt..who was his stepson brought up by him and loved a lot.."
I loved him and had brought him up."  

Sermon 69 
Admonishing his companions about careless behaviour..
You do not understand the right as you understand the wrong and do not crush the wrong as you crush the right."  

Sermon 70 
When Amir al-mu'minin was fatally struck with sword.."O' Prophet of Allah ! what crookedness and enmity I had to face from the people."  

71- 80

Sermon 71 
In condemnation of the people of Iraq...
O ' people of Iraq! You are like the pregnant woman who, on completion of the period of pregnancy delivers a dead child.."  "I am the first who testified to the Prophet (p)."

Sermon 72 
Herein Amir al-mu'minin tells people how to pronounce "as-salat"...how to greet, invoke divine blessing on, the Prophet (p) and his Ahl al-Bayt ( chosen members of his family )...Muhammad (p) is the Last Prophet..."
Hearts achieved guidance through him after being ridden with troubles. He introduced clearly guiding signs and shining injunctions." 

Sermon 73 
Amir al-mu'minin said about Marwan ibn al-Hakam in Basrah ...
If he swears me allegiance with his hand he would violate it after a short while."  

Sermon 74 
When the Consultative Committee decided to swear allegiance to `Uthman...Imam Ali's (p) silence about caliphate...
"I am the most rightful of all others for the Caliphate" 

Sermon 75 
When Amir al-mu'minin learnt that the Umayyads blamed him for killing `Uthman ...Umayyads are ignorant.."I am the contester against those who break away from Faith and the opposer of those who entertain doubts."

Sermon 76 
About preaching and counselling..god-fearing person is..."
Allah may bless him who listens to a point of wisdom and retains it, when he is invited to the right path he approaches it, he follows a leader (by catching his waist band) and finds salvation, keeps Allah before his eyes and fears his sins..."  

Sermon 77 
About Umayyads...inheritance of Muhammad (p)..."The Banu Umayyah (Umayyads) are allowing me the inheritance of Muhammad (p) bit (by bit)."

Sermon 78 
Supplications of Amir al-mu'minin..
My Allah forgive me winkings of the eye, vile utterances, desires of the heart and errors of speech."  

Sermon 79 
When Amir al-mu'minin decided to set out for the battle with the Kharijites....astrology..."Do you think you can tell the hour when a man goes out and no evil befall him or can warn of the time at which if one goes out harm will accrue?"

Sermon 80 
After the Battle of Jamal, Concerning Women and Their Shortcomings..
So beware of the evils of women..."  

81- 90

Sermon 81 
About the way of preaching and counselling..."
O' people! abstinence is to shorten desires, to thank for bounties and to keep off prohibitions."  

Sermon 82 
About the world and its people..
If one keeps away from the world then it advances towards him."

Sermon 83 
This sermon is called the al-Gharra' and it is one of the most wonderful sermons ... enjoining people to piety..caution against this world..death and resurrection..limitations of life...Allah's bounties...preparation for the Day of Judgement..warning against satan...creation of men..lessons from past nations..."You are on test in this world and have to render account about it."

Sermon 84 
About `Amr ibn al-`As..
He has not sworn allegiance to Mu`awiyah without purpose; but has beforehand got him to agree that he will have to pay its price, and gave him an award for forsaking religion."   

Sermon 85 
About the perfection of Allah and counselling..
"With every person there is a driver and a witness" (Qur'an, 50:21). The driver drives him towards resurrection while the witness furnishes evidence about his deeds."


Sermon 86 
About getting ready for the next world and following Allah's commandments..
You should know that even the smallest hypocrisy is like believing in more than one God, and keeping company of people who follow their desires is the key to obliviousness from religion, and is the seat of Satan. "

Sermon 87 
The Qualities of a faithful believer...the qualities of an unfaithful believer...Ahl al-Bayt..their importance..Obeying them is a MUST be...
Where are you being taken astray and how are you groping while you have among you the descendants of the Prophet? They are the reins of Right, ensigns of Faith and tongues of truth. Accord to them the same good position as you accord to the Qur'an, and come to them (for quenching the thirst of guidance) as the thirsty camels approach the water spring."   

Sermon 88 
About the division of the community into factions...
I wonder, and there is no reason why I should not wonder, about the faults of these groups who have introduced alterations in their religious pleas, who do not move on the footsteps of their Prophet nor follow the actions of the vicegerent."  

Sermon 89 
About the Holy Prophet..
By Allah, whatever the Prophet told them, I am here telling you the same and whatever you hear today is not different from what they heard yesterday."  

Sermon 90 
Allah's attributes and some advice..
He is sufficient for one who relies on Him."  


Sermon 91 
This sermon is known as the Sermon of Skeletons (Khutbatu'l-Ashbah)..Allah..His creation...perfection in his creation..sky..angels..earth...water...creation of man..sending of the Prophet (p)..."Even when He made Adam die He did not leave them without one who would serve among them as proof and plea for His Godhead, and serve as the link between them and His knowledge, but He provided to them the proofs through His chosen Messengers and bearers of the trust of His Message, age after age till the process came to end with our Prophet Muhammad (p)."

Sermon 92 
When people decided to Swear allegiance at Amir al-mu'minin's hand ...
You should know that if I respond to you I would lead you as I know and would not care about whatever one may say or abuse.."  

Sermon 93 
About the annihilation of the Kharijites, the mischief mongering of Umayyads ...Ahl al-Bayt..
We Ahlu'l-bayt (the Household of the Prophet) are free from this mischief and we are not among those who would engender it... "  

Sermon 94 
Allah's praise and eulogy of the prophets...
Muhammad (p)
 and his Progeny...descendents..."Muhammad's descendants are the best descendants..."

Sermon 95 
About the condition of the people at the time of the Prophet's proclamation..."
Allah sent the Prophet at a time when the people were going astray in perplexity and were moving here and there in mischief..."  

Sermon 96 
In eulogy of the Holy Prophet..
Through him Allah buried mutual rancour and put off the flames of revolt.."

Sermon 97 
Admonishing his own companions...Ahl al-Bayt..
"Look at the people of the Prophet's family. Adhere to their direction. Follow their footsteps because they would never let you out of guidance, and never throw you into destruction. If they sit down, you sit down, and if they rise up you rise up. Do not go ahead of them, as you would thereby go astray and go not lag behind of them as you would thereby be ruined..."

Sermon 98 
Oppression of the Umayyads..they break their pledge...make lawful things unlawful..."By Allah, they would continue like this till there would be left no unlawful act before Allah but they would make it lawful and no pledge but they would break it...."

Sermon 99 
About abstinence of the world and vicissitudes of time..
Every period in it has an end and every living being in it is to die."  

Sermon 100 
About the Holy Prophet and his Descendants..
"Beware! The example of the descendant (Al) of Muhammad - peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his descendants - is like that of stars in the sky. When one star sets another one rises." 


Sermon 101 
About the vicissitudes of time...
O' people, do not commit the crime of opposing me, do not be seduced into disobeying me and do not wink at each other with eyes when you hear me. By Allah, Who germinates the seed and blows the wind, whatever I convey to you is from the Prophet. Neither the conveyor (of Allah's message, i.e. the Prophet) lied nor the hearer misunderstood."  

Sermon 102 
On the same subject - Day of Judgement..future troubles..
That day would be such that Allah would collect on it the anteriors and the posteriors, to stand in obedience for exaction of accounts and for award of recompense for deeds."  

Sermon 103 
About abstemiousness and fear of Allah...future events...
"O' people ! a time will come to you when Islam would be capsized as a pot is capsized with all its contents." 

Sermon 104 
About the condition of the people before the proclamation of prophethood...
I never showed weakness or lack of courage, nor did I betray or become languid..."

Sermon 105 
In eulogy of the Holy Prophet...the Umayyads...
the functions of Holy Imams (pbut) (12 Imams appointed by Allah)...

Sermon 106 
About Islam...Prophet (p)...
It is the most bright of all paths, the clearest of all passages.."

Sermon 107 
Delivered during one of the days of Siffin..
"..You are the chiefs of Arabs.."

Sermon 108 
It is one of the sermons about the vicissitudes of time..Prophet (p)...
People have become brothers over ill-doings, have forsaken religion, are united in speaking lie but bear mutual hatred in the matter of truth."  

Sermon 109 
About the Might of Allah...Holy Prophet (p)..Descendants of the Holy Prophet (p)...Angels...death...the Day of Judgement...
We are the tree of prophethood, staying place of (Divine) Message, descending place of angels, mines of knowledge and the sources of wisdom. Our supporter and lover awaits mercy while our enemy and he who hates us awaits wrath."

Sermon 110 
About Islam...Fasting, Zekat (alms-giving), Pilgrimage, Kinship, Quran and Sunnah..."
Follow the sunnah of the Prophet for it is the most right of all behaviours. Learn the Qur'an for it is the fairest of discourses and understand it thoroughly for it is the best blossoming of hearts."



Sermon 111 
Caution about this world..
"Whoever takes little from it collects much of what would give him safety, while one who takes much from it takes much of what would ruin him." 

Sermon 112 
About the Angel of Death and depart of spirit..Some questions to be answered...
How can he who is unable to describe a creature like this, describe Allah?"

Sermon 113 
About this world and its people..
"Make your ears hear the call of death before you are called by death.." 

Sermon 114 
About abstemiousness, fear of Allah and importance of providing for the next life..
That which approaches (i.e. death) cannot be sent back, he who goes away does not return..."

Sermon 115 
Seeking rain..
They are moaning like the moaning of mothers for their (dead) sons..." 

Sermon 116 
About troubles which would arise and the Day of Judgement.
The Prophet conveyed the messages of Allah without being lazy and without any shortcoming.." 

Sermon 117 
Rebuking Misers..
You should derive lessons from your occupying the places of those who were before you and from the departure of your nearest brothers.."

Sermon 118 
In praise of his faithful companions..
Therefore, extend to me support which is free from deceit and pure from doubt because, by Allah, I am the most preferable of all for the people."  

Sermon 119 
Amir al-mu'minin collected the people and exhorted them to jihad but ...
I have put you on the clear path whereon no one will perish except who perishes by himself. He who sticks to it would achieve Paradise and he who deviates goes to Hell."  

Sermon 120 
About the greatness of Ahlu'l-bayt and the importance of the laws of Islam.."He who follows them achieves (the aim) and secures (the objective). And he who stood away from it went astray and incurred repentance."



Sermon 121 
A man from among the companions of Amir al-mu'minin stood up and said ..attributes of true shia ( followers ) of Imam Ali (as)...
Certainly, Satan has made his ways easy for you and wants to unfasten the knots of religion one by one and to cause division among you in place of unity."  

Sermon 122 
When the Kharijites persisted in their rejecting the Arbitration...fight between relatives..
"In this affair the outer side is Faith but the inner side is enmity." 

Sermon 123 
Amir al-mu'minin's address to his followers on the battlefield of Siffin ...  
"..By Allah in Whose hand (power) lies the life of the son of Abu Talib ( Imam Ali, himself ), certainly a thousand strikings of the sword on me are easier to me than a death in bed which is not in obedience to Allah.."

Sermon 124 
To exhort his followers to fight.."
By Allah, even if you run away from the sword of today you would not remain safe from the sword of the next world.."

Sermon 125 
About the Kharijites and their opinion on Arbitration.."we are the most rightful of all people for the Caliphate..."..
"Reference to Allah means that we decide according to the Qur'an while reference to the Prophet means that we follow his Sunnah.."

Sermon 126 
When Amir al-mu'minin was spoken ill of for showing equality in the distribution ...
If a man gives his property to those who have no right for it..."  

Sermon 127 
About the Kharijites..
"You are confusing those who have committed sins with those who have not..."

Sermon 128 
About Important happenings in Basrah..
"The Prophet (p) passed his knowledge on to me and prayed for me..."

Sermon 129 
About measures and weights, the transience of this world and the condition of its people..
"You will shortly know who is the gainer tomorrow (on the Day of Judgement) and who is more enviable..." 

Sermon 130 
Delivered when Abu Dharr was exiled Caliph Uthman towards ar-Rabadhah..
You will shortly know who is the gainer tomorrow (on the Day of Judgement) and who is more enviable..."  


Sermon 131 
Grounds for accepting the Caliphate and the qualities of a ruler and governor..
"I am leading you towards truthfulness.." 

Sermon 132 
Warning about death and counselling...
Certainly this world has not been made a place of permanent stay for you.."  

Sermon 133 
On the Glory of Allah...Qur'an..the world..
Quran's one part speaks for the other part, and one part testifies to the other..."  

Sermon 134 
Delivered when Caliph `Umar ibn al-Khattab consulted Amir al-mu'minin.."..
there will be no place of the refuge for the muslims.."

Sermon 135 
There was some exchange of words between `Uthman ibn `Affan and Amir al-mu'minin ...
"Allah will not grant victory to him whom you support!!.."

Sermon 136 
About the sincerity of his own intention and support of the oppressed..
"Your allegiance to me wasn't without thinking."

Sermon 137 
About Talhah and az-Zubayr..their insincerity in allegiance to Imam Ali (p), they were a rebellious group..."
You advanced towards me shouting "allegiance, allegiance" like shecamels having delivered newly born young ones leaping towards their young. I held back my hand but you pulled it towards you., I drew back my hand but you dragged it. O' my Allah! these two have ignored my rights and did injustice to me. They both have broken allegiance to me, and roused people against me. Unfasten Thou what they have fastened, and do not make strong what they have woven."  

Sermon 138 
Referring to events in the future...Imam Mahdi (p)..
"He will revive the Qur'an and the Sunnah."

Sermon 139 
On the occasion of the Consultative Committee (after the death of `Umar ibn al-Khattab)..
His prophecy about the fights over the caliphate.."Hear my word and preserve what I say..."

Sermon 140 
About backbiting and speaking ill of others..
"How can he vilify him about his sins when he has himself committed one like it?.." 


Sermon 141 
Against reliance on heresy..:"
There is nothing is between truth and falsehood except four fingers..."

Sermon 142 
Against misplaced generosity..."
He who shows generosity to those who have no claim to it or who are not fit for it would not earn anything except the praise of the ignoble and appreciation of bad persons..."  

Sermon 143 
Praying for rain...
"Allah tries his creatures..."

Sermon 144 
Deputation of Prophets.. ..Ahl al-Bayt and their opposers..
"The Imams are from Quraysh, from the Hashimite ...not from others.."

Sermon 145 
About this world...innovations...
"No innovation is introduced unless one sunnah is forsaken...."

Sermon 146 
Spoken when `Umar ibn al-Khattab consulted Amir al-mu'minin..His advice to Umar..
"If the Persians see you...."

Sermon 147 
The purpose of the deputation of the Holy Prophet and ...Ahl al-Bayt..
"They don't go against religion and differ from one another about it."

Sermon 148 
About Talhah and az-Zubayr and the people of Basrah..
"Each of thse two want the caliphate for himself."

Sermon 149 
Before his passing away (last will)..
Obey Allah and dont disregard the Sunnah of the Prophet (p)..."You will understand me after you lose me.."

Sermon 150 
About future events and some activities of the hypocrites.
"..a group of them went back on their tracks."


Sermon 151 
The condition of the people during disorder, and advice against oppression.."Whoever precedes towards mischief..."  

Sermon 152 
About the greatness and the attributes of Allah...Holy Imams..:
"Certainly the Imams are the vicegerents of Allah over His creatures and they make the creatures know Allah. No one will enter Paradise except he who knows them and knows Him, and no one will enter Hell except he who denies them and denies Him."

"Certainly the Imams are the vicegerents of Allah over his creatures and...No one will enter paradise except those who know them..."

Sermon 153 
About negligent persons and the characteristics of beasts, carnivores and women..:
"You will be dealt with as you deal with others.."

Sermon 154 
About the Ahlu'l-bayt (chosen members of the Family of the Holy Prophet) and their opposers...innovations...sunnah...."
The delicacies of the Qur'an are about them (Ahlu'l-bayt, the descendants of the Prophet) and they are the treasurers of Allah. When they speak they speak the truth, but when they keep quiet no one can speak unless they speak." 

Sermon 155 
About the wonderful creation of the bat...attributes of Allah..."Intellects cannot comprehend Him by fixing limits for Him since in that case to Him would be attributed shape. Imagination cannot catch Him by fixing quantities for Him for in that case to Him would be attributed body."  

Sermon 156 
About the malice borne by `A'ishah; and warning the people of Basrah.
"..and they will not be tried?"
(Qur'an, 29:2)

Sermon 157 
Urging people towards Piety (taqwa):
"Paradise is the end of those...Hell is the end of those..."

Sermon 158 
About the Holy Prophet and the Holy Qur'an..autocracy of the Umayyads..."It is the Qur'an. If you ask it to speak it won't do so; but I will tell you about it. Know that it contains knowledge of what is to come about, stories of the past, cure for your ills and regulation for whatever faces you."

Sermon 159 
Good behaviour with people and ignoring their faults..."I closed my eyes to your many misdeeds which my eyes had observed and my body had witnessed."  

Sermon 160 
Praise of Allah...following the Prophet...chatacteristics of the Holy Prophet (p)...The example of Prophet Moses (p), David (p), Jesus (p)...world and its worthlessness in the eyes of the Holy Prophet (p)...pictures reminding the world...Ali (p) is the perfect example for the leaders of the world..."
By Allah, I have been putting patches in my shirts so much that now I feel shy of the patcher."


Sermon 161 
Deputation of the Holy Prophet...Makka...Medina....:
"Allah sent him with a sufficing plea..."..."
I advise you, O' creatures of Allah, to exercise fear of Allah and to obey Him because it is salvation tomorrow and deliverance for ever." 

Sermon 162 
One of Amir al-mu'minin's companions (from Banu Asad) asked him...Bani Umayya's struggle to destroy Islam...Ahl al-Bayt were the most deserving for the Caliphate......
"How did your tribe deprive you of the caliphate?"
..."It was a selfish act over which the hearts of people became greedy, although some people did not care for it. The Arbiter is Allah and to Him is the return on the Day of Judgement." 

Sermon 163 
An excellent lecture on the Attributes of Allah...
man's creation...the requirements of life..."O' creature who has been equitably created and who has been nurtured and looked after in the darkness of wombs with multiple curtains."

Sermon 164 
When people went to Amir al-mu'minin in a deputation and complained to him three caliphs...Oppressive Imam (Leader)..Just Imam...and a comparison..."
Then `Uthman said to Amir al-mu'minin: "Speak to the people to give me time until I redress their grievances."..."I heard the Messenger of Allah saying: "On the Day of Judgement the oppressive Imam will be brought without anyone to support him or anyone to advance excuses on his behalf, and then he will be thrown into Hell where he will rotate as the hand-mill rotates, then (eventually) he will be confined to its hollow.""

Sermon 165 
Describing the wonderful creation of the peacock...about the wonderful creation of birds..."He prevented some of them from flying easily in the sky because of their heavy bodies and allowed them to use their wings only close to the ground. He has set them in different colours by his delicate might and exquisite creative power."  

Sermon 166 
Advice for observing courtesy and kindness and keeping in and out of the same...
autocracy and oppression of the Umayyads and their fate...Ali (p) called the people to folllow the Prophet (p)...Imam Ali (p)'s unbelievable prophecy... :"After me, your tribulations..."..."Know that if you had followed him who was calling you (to guidance) he would have made you tread the ways of the Prophet, then you would have been spared the difficulties of misguidance, and you would have thrown away the crushing burden from your necks."  

Sermon 167 
At the beginning of his Caliphate...Fulfilment of rights and obligations ...
...a Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand every (other) Muslim is safe save in the matter of truth. It is not, therefore, lawful to molest a Muslim except when it is obligatory. " 

Sermon 168 
After swearing of allegiance to Amir al-mu'minin, some people said:
"Punish Uthman's murderers..."..."
I shall control this affair as far as possible, but if I find it necessary the last treatment will, of course, be branding with a hot iron (through fighting)."  

Sermon 169 
When the people of Jamal set off for Basrah Amir al-mu'minin said:
"They intend reverting...."...innovations...Imam Ali (p)'s fight him because of their jealousy for the leadership Allah has given him..."
They are hankering after this world out of jealousy against him on whom Allah has bestowed it."

Sermon 170 
When Amir al-mu'minin approached Basrah an Arab met him and finally said:
" I could not refrain...."


Sermon 171 
When Amir al-mu'minin decided to fight the enemy face to face at Siffin he said:
"Shame is behind you..."

Sermon 172 
About the Consultative Committee and the Battle of Jamal...people of Jamal and what they did...wife of the Holy Prophet..."
They (Talhah, az-Zubayr and their supporters) came out dragging the wife of the Messenger of Allah (the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his descendants) just as a maidslave is dragged for sale.They took her to Basrah where those two (Talhah and az-Zubayr) put their own women in their houses but exposed the wife of the Messenger of Allah to themselves and to others in the army in which there was not a single individual who had not offered me his obedience and sworn to me allegiance quite obediently, without any compulsion."  

Sermon 173 
On eligibility for the Caliphate...Muhammad (p) is the last Prophet....
Know that I shall fight two persons - one who claims what is not his and the other who ignores what is obligatory upon him..."..."The door of war has been opened between you and the other Muslims. And this banner will be borne only by him who is a man of sight, of endurance and of knowledge of the position of rightfulness."..."Know that the loss of anything of this world will not harm you, if you have guarded the principles of your religion. Know also that after the loss of your religion nothing of this world for which you have cared will benefit you. May Allah carry our hearts and your hearts towards the right and may He grant us and you endurance."


Sermon 174 
About Talhah ibn `Ubaydillah. Delivered when he received the news ...Uthman's death...Talhah's lies...the role of Talhah in Uthman's killing..."
By Allah, Talhah has hastened with drawn sword to avenge `Uthman's blood for fear lest the demand for `Uthman's blood be made against himself, because the people's idea in this matter is about him, and, in fact, he was the most anxious among them for his killing."..."

Sermon 175 
Warning to neglectful people, and about the
vastness of his own knowledge.."The Prophet (p) informed me of..."..."
They are like beasts who are fed in order to be slaughtered, but they do not know what is intended for them."...By Allah, if I wish, I can tell every one of you from where he has come, where he has to go and all his affairs..." 

Sermon 176 
Preaching...greatness Holy Quran...importance of control of tongue...Sunnah and innovations...
people's innovations cant change lawful things to unlawful and vice versa....Quran contains a cure for the biggest diseases..."I am a witness for you and shall plead excuses on your behalf on the Day of Judgement."..."Know, O' creatures of Allah, that a believer should regard lawful this year what he regarded lawful in the previous year, and should consider unlawful this year what he considered unlawful in the previous year. Certainly people's innovation cannot make lawful for you what has been declared unlawful; rather, lawful is that which Allah has made lawful and unlawful is that which Allah has made unlawful." 

Sermon 177 
About the two arbiters (after the battle of Siffin)..."
Wrong-doing was their desire, and going astray was their behaviour..."  

Sermon 178 
Praise of Allah...atributes of Allah...transience of this world, and causes of the decline of Allah's blessings..."
The number of drops of water, of stars in the sky, or of currents of winds in the air are not unknown to Him, nor the movements of ants on rocks, or the resting place of grubs in the dark night."

Sermon 179 
Dhi`lib al-Yamani asked Amir al-mu'minin whether he had seen Allah ...eyes can't see Allah...attributes of Allah...
"Do I worship one whom I have not seen?" Then he enquired, "How have you seen Him?" Then Amir al-mu'minin replied:"Eyes do not see Him face to face, but hearts perceive Him through the realities of belief..."  

Sermon 180 
Condemning his disobedient men...characteristics of his disobedient followers..Muawiya and Amr ibn al-As are ignorant of Allah...."
...what are you waiting for in the matter of your assistance and for fighting for your rights?"..."...I am sick of your company and feel lonely with you."..."Is there no religion which may unite you nor sense of shamefulness that may sharpen you?"  


Sermon 181 
Amir al-mu'minin sent one of his men to bring him news about a group
of Kufah who had decided to join the Kharijites but were afraid of him...Disobedience...Satan...."Surely today Satan has scattered them and tomorrow he will disclaim any connection with them, and will leave them."...

Sermon 182 
Attributes of Allah...past dwellers of the world...Imam Mahdi (p)...Martyrdom of his friends...holy war..."
Oh! my brothers, who recited the Qur'an and strengthened it, thought over their obligation and fulfilled it, revived the sunnah and destroyed innovation. When they were called to jihad they responded and trusted in their leader then followed him."..."Where are my brethren who took the (right) path and trod in rightness. Where is `Ammar?..." 

Sermon 183 
Praise of Allah for His bounties...Greatness of Qur'an...the Day of Judgement...preparation for the next world...this world and its impermanence...hell, punishment and Malik (the guard-in-charge of Hell)..."Have you ever seen the crying of a person who has been pricked with a thorn or who bleeds due to stumbling or whom hot sand has burnt? How would he feel when he is between two frying pans of Hell with stones all round with Satan as his companion?" 

Sermon 184 
One of the Kharijites al-Burj ibn Mus'hir at-Ta'i raised the slogan..."
Command behoves only Allah...=...Allah is the only one to command..."..."...when wrong began to shout loudly you again sprouted up..."  

Sermon 185 
Praise of Allah and His wonderful creatures...attributes of Allah...Prophet Muhammad (p) and his message...eyes can't see Allah...creation of animal species...Creation of the Universe...wonderful creation of the locust..."Glorified is Allah before Whom every one in the skies or the earth bows in prostration willingly or unwillingly..."  

Sermon 186 
About the Oneness of Allah...excellent sermon on attributes of Allah...to Him is the return of all matters..."He is not inside things nor outside them. He conveys news, but not with the tongue or voice. He listens, but not with the holes of the ears or the organs of hearing." 

Sermon 187 
Regarding the vicissitudes of time...
mischiefs that are to occur and the absence of lawful ways of livelihood..."I am among you like a lamp in the darkness.Whoever enters by it will be lit from it...."  

Sermon 188 
Allah's favours..transience of this world...condition of people facing death...and..death!!. death!!. death!!..."I also advise you to remember death and to lessen your heedlessness towards it. Why should you be heedless of Him Who is not heedless of you? Why expect from him (i.e., the angel of death) who will not give you time? The dead whom you have been watching suffice as preachers."  

Sermon 189 
Steadfast and transient belief...
prophecy about the Umayyads...Imam Ali (p) was the only one who used to say:"Ask me before you miss me..."..."Certainly, our case is difficult and complicated. No one can bear it except a believer whose heart Allah has tried with belief. Our traditions will not be preserved except by trustworthy hearts and (men of) solid understanding. O' people! ask me before you miss me, because certainly I am acquainted with the passages of the sky more than the passages of the earth  

Sermon 190 
Importance of fear of Allah, desolateness of the grave...
the death of the lover of Ahlu'l-bayt is like that of a martyr..."...do not make haste in matters in which Allah has not asked for haste because any one of you who dies in his bed while he had knowledge of the rights of Allah and the rights of His Prophet and members of the Prophet's house (Prophet (p)'s Ahl al-Bayt = His descendants ), will die as martyr."  


Sermon 191 
Praise of Allah...attributes of Allah...the day of Judgement and account...preparation for the next world...beware of the world...
"..and very few of My creatures are grateful."( Qur'an, 34:13)

Sermon 192 
Known as "al-Khutbah al-Qasi`ah" (Sermon of Disparagement)...Allah's trial and Satan's vanity and worship to Allah... Beware of Satan...a warning to people who follow the path of Satan...
The humbleness of the Holy Prophet...Pharaoh and his answer to Moses and Aoron..caution against rebellion and oppressiveness...past nations and lessons to be taken...Ali (p)'s condeming...Muhammad (p) and his miracle of ordering a tree to move... his followers...angels...Ka'bah...Imam Ali's (p) wonderful struggle in Islam...haughty leaders...."Satan felt proud over Adam by virtue of his creation and boasted over him on account of his origin. Thus, this enemy of Allah is the leader of those who boast, and the fore-runner of the vain."

Sermon 193 
It is related that a companion of Amir al-mu'minin called Hammam who ... Qualities of a
True Believer
..."Their speech is to the point, their dress is moderate and their gait is humble. They keep their eyes closed to what Allah has made unlawful for them, and they put their ears to that knowledge which is beneficial to them."..."They remain in the time of trials as though they remain in comfort. If there had not been fixed periods (of life) ordained for each, their spirits would not have remained in their bodies even for the twinkling of an eye because of (their) eagerness for the reward and fear of chastisement."

Sermon 194 
In description of hypocrites...Prophet's (p) struggle..."
Their hearts are diseased while their faces are clean. They walk stealthily and tread like the approach of sickness (over the body). Their words speak of cure, but their acts are like incurable diseases. They are jealous of ease, intensify distress, and destroy hopes."..."They eulogise each other and expect reward from each other. When they ask something they insist on it, if they reprove (any one) they disgrace (him)..." 

Sermon 195 
Allah's praise and His attributes, advice about fear of Allah and details about the Day of Judgement..."No curtain hides you from Him, nor is any door closed before you against Him."  

Sermon 196 
The condition of the world at the time of the proclamation of prophethood...the transience of this world and the state of its inhabitants..."O' creatures of Allah, you should know now that you have to perform (good) acts, because (at present) your tongues are free, your bodies are healthy, your limbs have movement, the area of your coming and going is vast and the course of your running is wide; before the loss of opportunity or the approach of death."

Sermon 197 
Amir al-mu'minin's attachment to the Holy Prophet. The performance of his funeral rites...Angels and their worship...Imam Ali (p)'s bravery..Imam Ali (p) performed the Prophet (p)'s funeral ablution...Imam Ali (p) is on the right path...His enemies are on the wrong path....
"When the Prophet (p) died his head was on my chest."..."
Therefore depend on your intelligence and make your intentions pure in fighting your enemy, because I swear by Him who is such that there is no god but He, that I am on the path of truth and that they (the enemy) are on the misleading path of wrong."

Sermon 198 
Allah's attribute of Omniscience ( Knowing all )...İslam...
the Holy Prophet (p)...Holy Quran...Advantages of fear of Allah..."Allah made him responsible for conveying His message and (a means of) honour for his people, a period of bloom for the men of his days, a source of dignity for the supporters and an honour for his helpers."

Sermon 199 
Containing advice given by Amir al-mu'minin to his companions...About Prayer (Namad)...the Islamic Tax (zakat)...fulfilment of trust..."Have you not heard the reply of the people of Hell when they were asked: What hath brought you into the hell? They shall say: We were not of those who offered the regular prayers (to Allah)! (Qur'an, 74:42-43). Certainly, prayer drops out sins like the dropping of leaves (of trees), and removes them as ropes are removed from the necks of cattle."  

Sermon 200 
Treason and treachery of Mu`awiyah and the fate of those guilty of treason..."
By Allah, Mu`awiyah is not more cunning than I am, but he deceives and commits evil deeds. Had I not been hateful of deceit I would have been the most cunning of all men. But (the fact is that) every deceit is a sin and every sin is disobedience (of Allah), and every deceitful person will have a banner by which he will be recognised on the Day of Judgement."  


Sermon 201 
One should not be afraid of the scarcity of those who tread on the right path...camel of Thamud...punishment for keeping silent against unjustness..."O' people, he who treads the clear path (of guidance) reaches the spring of water, and whoever abandons it strays into waterless desert."..."O' people, certainly, what gathers people together (in categories) is (their) agreement (to good or bad) and (their) disagreement, for only one individual killed the camel of Thamud but Allah held all of them in punishment because all of them joined him by their acquiescing in their consenting to it."  

Sermon 202 
What Amir al-mu'minin said on the occasion of the burial of his Beloved Wife, Fatima Zehra (p), the leader of women of paradise (Sayyidat-ün Nisa)....what the Ummah ( Muslim community ) did to the descendants of the Prophet (p)."
I laid you down in your grave when your last breath had passed (when your head was) between my neck and chest."..."Certainly, your daughter would apprise you of the joining together of your ummah (people) for oppressing her. You ask her in detail and get all the news about the position."  

Sermon 203 
Transience of this world, and importance of collecting provisions for the next life..."Take away from this world your hearts before your bodies go out of it, because herein you have been put on trial, and you have been created for the other world. When a man dies people ask what (property) he has left while the angels ask what (good actions) he has sent forward."  

Sermon 204 
What Amir al-mu'minin said generally to his companions warning them...preparation for the next world...transience of this world..."Regard your stay in the world as very short, and return (to Allah) with the best provision that is with you, because surely, in front of you lies a valley, difficult to climb, and places of stay full of fear and dangers."  

Sermon 205 
After swearing allegiance to Amir al-mu'minin, Talhah and az-Zubayr complained
to him that he had not consulted them or sought their assistance in the affairs (of state)...Ali (p) is faultless...Imam Ali (p)'s attachment to Quran and Sunnah...and his justice in distribution of shares from the Muslim common fund...."By Allah, I had no liking for the caliphate nor any interest in government, but you yourselves invited me to it and prepared me for it. When the caliphate came to me, I kept the Book of Allah in my view and all that Allah had put therein for us, and all that according to which He has commanded us to take decisions; and I followed it, and also acted on whatever the Prophet - may Allah bless him and his descendants - had laid down as his sunnah."

Sermon 206 
During the battle of Siffin Amir al-mu'minin heard some of his men
abusing the Syrians... "Don't swear, but say what they did.. "..."I dislike you starting to abuse them, but if you describe their deeds and recount their situations that would be a better mode of speaking and a more convincing way of arguing."

Sermon 207 
In the battle of Siffin Amir al-mu'minin saw Imam al-Hasan proceeding rapidly ...
al-Hasan and al-Husayn..."Hold back this young man (al-Hasan) on my behalf..."  

Sermon 208 
When Amir al-mu'minin's companions expressed displeasure
about his attitude concerning Arbitration..."You have now shown liking to live in this world.."  

Sermon 209 
Amir al-mu'minin went to enquire about the health of his companion
al-`Ala' ibn Ziyad al-Harithi and when he noticed the vastness of his house...How  muslim leaders should live...cutting oneself away from the world..."Allah made it obligatory on true leaders that they should maintain themselves at the level of low people so that the poor do not cry over their poverty."  

Sermon 210 
Someone asked Amir al-mu'minin about concocted traditions and contradictory sayings...
during the Prophet's days false sayings had been attributed to him...four categories of hadith ( saying of the Prophet-p-) narrators...who is a hypocrite...two types of sayings of the Prophet (p): a-particular  b-common ...reasons and grounds of differences among the people in their traditions...Ali used to ask the meaning....but most of the companions didn't..."Whoever attributes falsehoods to me makes his abode in Hell."


Sermon 211 
The greatness of Allah and the creation of the Universe..."Most surely there is in this a lesson to him who fears."
(Qur'an 79:26)

Sermon 212 
About those who give up supporting right...Whoever rejects Ahl al-Bayt..."
You alone can make us needless of his support and question him for his sin." 

Sermon 213 
The Sublimity of Allah and a eulogy of the Prophet...attributes of Allah..."Allah deputised the Prophet with light, and accorded him the highest precedence in selection. Through him Allah united those who were divided, overpowered the powerful, overcame difficulties and levelled rugged ground, and thus removed misguidance from right and left.."  

Sermon 214 
The Prophet's nobility of descent...Muhammed (p) is the messenger of Allah...adopting these qualities...obeying the leader...the characteristics of the virtuous whose guidance must be followed..."Blessed be he who possesses a virtuous heart, who obeys one who guides him, desists from him who takes to ruin, catches the path of safety with the help of him who provides him light (of guidance) and by obeying the leader who commands him, hastens towards guidance before its doors are closed, gets open the door of repentance and removes the (stain of) sins."

Sermon 215 
A prayer which Amir al-mu'minin often recited:
" I am a slave in Thy possession..."..."...
nor do I disbelieve in my Lord, nor do I feel strangeness with my faith, nor is my intelligence affected, nor have I been punished with the punishment of peoples before me."

Sermon 216 
Delivered at the battle of Siffin....Mutual rights of the ruler and the ruled...Allah's right over his creatures...types of rights...causes & results of oppression...Imam Ali doesnt like high praises...He hates flattery...Ali (p) is innocent,infallible..."
Generally, people feel pleased at praise after good performances; but do not mention for me handsome praise for the obligations I have discharged towards Allah and towards you, because of (my) fear about those obligations which I have not discharged and for issuing injunctions which could not be avoided, and do not address me in the manner despots are addressed."


Sermon 217 
About the excesses of the Quraysh...Their violation of Imam Ali's rights...Only Ahl al-Bayt protect & help him...Ali (p)
refrains from flinging Ahl al-Bayt into death..."O' my Allah! I beseech Thee to take revenge on the Quraysh and those who are assisting them, for they have cut asunder my kinship and over-turned my cup and have joined together to contest a right to which I was entitled more than anyone else."..."

They said to me: "If you get your right, that will be just, but if you are denied the right, that too will be just. Endure it with sadness or kill yourself in grief."  

Sermon 218 
A part of the same sermon about those who went to Basrah to fight Amir al-mu'minin..."They marched on my officers and the custodians of the public treasury which is still under my control and on the people of a metropolis, all of whom were obedient to me and were in allegiance to me."  

Sermon 219 
When Amir al-mu'minin passed by the corpses of Talhah ibn `Ubaydullah and `Abd ar-Rahman ibn `Attab ibn Asid who were both killed in the battle of Jamal..."They had stretched their necks towards a matter for which they were not suited, and therefore their necks were broken before they reached the goal." 

Sermon 220 
Qualities of the God-fearing and the pious..."Different doors led him to the door of safety and the place of (his permanent) stay. His feet, balancing his body became fixed in the position of safety and comfort, because he kept his heart (in good acts) and pleased his Allah."  


Sermon 221 
Amir al-mu'minin recited the verse...the dead are not a source of pride but a source lessons...graves...the dead and their conditions...the conditions of the alive before they were dead....
"Engage (your) vying inexuberance, until ye come to the graves." (Qur'an, 101:1-2)...."
The bonds of their knowing each other have been worn out and the connections of their friendship have been cut asunder. Everyone of them is therefore alone although they are a group, and they are strangers, even though friends. They are unaware of morning after a night and of evening after a day."..."How many a prestigious body and amazing beauty the earth has swallowed, although when in the world he enjoyed abundant pleasures and was nurtured in honour. He clung to enjoyments (even) in the hour of grief. If distress befell him he sought refuge in consolation (derived) through the pleasures of life and playing and games."..."He was laughing at the world while the world was laughing at him because of his life full of forgetfulness."

Sermon 222 
Delivered after reciting the verse...the time when there were no prophets...three ways:middle...right...left....devoted servants of Allah...:
" ... therein declare glory unto Him ..." (Qur'an, 24:36-7)..."
In all the periods and times when there were no prophets, there have been persons with whom Allah, precious are His bounties, whispered through their wits and spoke through their minds."..."...Therefore, take account of yourself for your own sake because the account of others will be taken by one other than you."  

Sermon 223 
Amir al-mu'minin recited the verse...important questions to be answered by the sinners & the neglectful...favors of Allah...the world and its curtains...all the followers, on the Day of Judgement cling to their leader...preparation for the next world...:
"O' thou man! what hath beguild thee from thy Lord .." (Qur'an, 82:6)..."
When the earthquake occurs, the Day of Resurrection approaches with all its severities, the people of every worshipping place cling to it, all the devotees cling to the object of their devotion and all the followers cling to their leader."..."Take from the transient things of this world that which will stay for you (in the next world), provide for your journey, keep (your) gaze on the brightness of deliverance and keep ready the saddles (for setting off)."

Sermon 224 
About keeping aloof from oppression and misappropriation. `Aqil's ( His brother ) condition...an incredible lesson of justice from Imam Ali (p) given to his brother and all other humans... zekat ( islamic tax ) is
forbidden to the Ahl al-Bayt (members of the Prophet's family)..."...how can I oppress any one for (the sake of a life) that is fast moving towards destruction and is to remain under the earth for a long time."..."What has `Ali to do with bounties that will pass away and pleasures that will not last?"..."For me your world is lighter than the leaf in the mouth of a locust that is chewing it."

Sermon 225 
Supplication...Allah is the master of giving..."O' my Allah! preserve (the grace of) my face with easiness of life and do not disgrace my countenance with destitution..."  

Sermon 226 
Transience of the world and the helplessness of those in graves...shortness of human life...temptations of the world...death and the dead..."Their voices have become silent, their movements have become stationary, their bodies have become rotten, their houses have become empty and their traces have been obliterated."
..."And how can they meet each other when decay has ground them with its chest, and stones and earth have eaten them."

Sermon 227 
Supplication...Allah knows all...Asking Allah's help..."If distresses befall them, they beseech Thy protection, because they know that the reins of affairs are in Thy hands, and that their movements depend upon Thy commands."..."O' my Allah! deal with me through Thy forgiveness and do not deal with me according to Thy justice."

Sermon 228 
About a companion who passed away from this world before the occurrence of troubles..."He achieved good (of this world) and remained safe from its evils."  

Sermon 229 
About allegiance to Amir al-mu'minin for the Caliphate...People's allegiance to Imam Ali (p) was willingly...."...and the happiness of people on their allegiance to me was so manifested that small children felt joyful, the old staggered (up to me) for it, the sick too reached for it helter skelter and young girls ran for it without veils."  

Sermon 230 
Advice about fear of Allah, and an account of those who remain apprehensive of death
and adopt abstemiousness...meaning of fear of God...account-keeping angels...Angel of Death...overtaking of death...preparation for the death...temptations of the world...abstainers..."Perform (good) acts while such acts are being raised (in value), repentance can be of benefit, prayer can be heard, conditions are peaceful and the pens (of the two angels) are in motion (to record the actions)."..."Therefore, it is upon you to strive, make effort, equip yourself, get ready and provide yourself from the place of provision."..."Their bodies move among the people of the next world."


Sermon 231 
Amir al-mu'minin delivered this sermon at Dhiqar on his way to Basrah...the Prophet (p)..."
The Prophet manifested whatever he was commanded and conveyed the messages of his Lord."  

Sermon 232 
`Abdullah ibn Zama`ah who was one of the followers of Amir al-mu'minin came to him to ask for some money...justice of Imam Ali (p)..."
If you had taken part with them in their fighting you would have a share equal to theirs..."  


Sermon 233 
On Ja`dah ibn Hubayrah al-Makhzumi's inability to deliver a sermon... speaking the truth...scarcity of truth-speaking people...characteristics people of his time...."Their youths are wicked, their old men are sinful, their learned men are hypocrites, and their speakers are sycophants. Their youngs do not respect their elders, and their rich men do not support the destitute."  

Sermon 234 
Causes for difference in the features and traits of people...different types of clay...."They differ among themselves because of the sources
of their clay (from which they have been created). This is because they are either from saltish soil or sweet soil or from rugged earth or soft earth. They, resemble each other on the basis of the affinity of their soil and differ according to its difference."  

Sermon 235 
Spoken when Amir al-mu'minin was busy in the funeral ablution of the Holy Prophet...the death of the Holy Prophet (p) and the unmeasurable grief of Ahl al-Bayt...."
But this (death) is a matter that cannot be reversed nor is it possible to repulse it.May my father and my mother die for you; do remember us with Allah and take care of us."

Sermon 236 
In this sermon Amir al-mu'minin has related his own condition...Imam Ali (p) followed the sunnah of the Prophet (p) strictly..."I began following the path adopted by the Prophet and treading on the lines of his remembrance till I reached al-`Arj."  

Sermon 237 
About collecting provision for the next world...
performing good acts before death..."Perform (good) acts while you are still in the vastness of life, the books are open (for recording of actions), repentance is allowed, the runner away (from Allah) is being called and the sinner is being given hope (of forgiveness) before the (light of) action is put off, time expires, life ends, the door for repentance is closed and angels ascend to the sky."   

Sermon 238 
About the two arbitrators (Abu Musa al-Ash`ari and `Amr ibn al-`As) and...
disparagement of the people of Syria..."Immigrants" and the "Helpers"..."They are neither muhajirun (immigrants from Mecca), nor ansar (helpers of Medina) nor those who made their dwellings in the abode (in Medina) and in belief."..."Do you not see that your cities are being attacked and your prowess is being aimed at?"

Sermon 239 
Amir al-mu'minin describes herein the members of the Prophet's family..Ahl al-Bayt are the pillars of Islam...relators & performers of knowledge...."
They do not go against right nor do they differ (among themselves) about it. They are the pillars of Islam and the asylums of (its) protection."..."They have understood the religion attentively and carefully, not by mere heresy or from relaters, because the relaters of knowledge are many but its understanders are few." 

Sermon 240 
When `Uthman ibn `Affan was surrounded...Imam Ali (p)'s help to Uthman...Uthman's contradictory requests from Imam Ali (p)..."By Allah, I continued protecting him till I feared lest I become a sinner."


Sermon 241 
Exhorting his men to jihad (Holy War) and asking them to refrain from seeking ease...competing for the best reward, Paradise...."He has allowed time in the limited field (of life) so that you may vie with each other in seeking the reward (of Paradise)."  

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