"Then I was Guided"

Muhammad Tijani

A Brief Look at my Life
The Pilgrimage to the House of Allah
In Egypt
A Meeting on Board the Ship
My first Visit to Iraq
Abdul Qadir al Jilani and Musa al Kazim
Sceptisism and Questioning
The Visit to al Najaf
A Meeting with al Ulama (Learned Men)
A Meeting with al Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al Sadr
Sceptisism and Perplexity
The Journey to Hijaz
The Beginning of the Research
The Beginning of the Detailed Study

    Some Examples of What the Companions Did:

  1. The Companions at the Peace Treaty of al Hudaybiyah
  2. The Companions and Raziyat Yawm al Khamis (The Calamity of Thursday)
  3. The Companions in the Military Detachment under Usamah
The Opinion of the Quran regarding the Companions
  1. The turning back Verse
  2. The Holy War (Jihad) Verse
  3. The Submissiveness
The Opinion of the Messenger regarding the Companions
  1. The hadith of the Pool
  2. The hadith of the Competetion for this World
The Opinion of the Companions about each other
  1. Their testimony that they themselves changed the tradition of the Prophet
  2. The Companions even made changes in the Prayers
  3. The Companions testify against themselves
  4. The testimony of the Shaykhan against themselves
The Beginning of Change
A Dialogue with a Scholar
The Reasons behind enlightement
  1. The text regarding the Succession of the Caliphate
  2. The disagreement between Fatimah and Abu Bakr
  3. Ali was more entitled to the leadership
  4. The Prophetic Traditions which indicates the fact that Ali should be followed
The Correct Prophetic traditions which indicate the fact that it is Compulsory to Follow the Ahl al-Bayt
  1. The Prophetic tradition of the Two Weighty Things
  2. The Prophetic Tradition of the Ship
  3. The Prophetic Tradition: He who wishes to live like me
Our Misfortune Regarding Ijtihad Against Texts
An Invitation to Friends to join the Research
The Guidance of Truth
The References